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Emma has been coaching on and off for the last 10 years, with a BSC in Sports Science with Coaching and an extensive knowledge of climbing experience. She can offer group masterclasses at the wall combined with route setting, private group sessions, 1:1 or 1:2 coaching sessions. She also combines coaching with Ella Williams from Nalini Yoga to provide a day of climbing coaching with two yoga sessions tied in to compliment the theme of the day.
She has experience of putting training programs together for those who wish to maximise their time. She is incredibly passionate about footwork, movement and the mental side of climbing when it comes to coaching. These are the 3 areas she specialises in for coaching sessions.


1:1 or 1:2 Coaching

This is the fastest method of making improvements as the coaching session is tailored specifically to you. I focus on technique. tactics, physical and psychological areas within your climbing and we can target a particular area that you have issues with. I am based in North Wales but can also work in other areas of the country though depending on travel the cost may be a little higher.
The minimum time I run a session for is 2 hours to maximise information and to gain knowledge of what you need to improve your personal climbing, and to make sure it fits into your lifestyle.
All the sessions include an initial email questionnaire and written feedback with a plan of what to focus on in the future.

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Group Masterclasses

Emma enjoys working with small groups of people to try and help them improve their climbing. Her masterclasses are usually 1.5 to 2 hours long working with a maximum of 6 people. These sessions are solely focused on bouldering and you should be climbing at least V1 to the get the most out of them. These sessions are fun and informal, aiming to give each of you ideas of what to focus on to get the most out of your sessions at the climbing wall. If you wish to have your group session tailored to a specific area this can also be arranged

Areas of focus within the workshops:

  • Warming up/mobility exercises

  • Footwork and how to improve your technique

  • Route reading/problem solving and increasing your knowledge of movement.

  • Efficient climbing

  • Training tips

She also does day workshops with Ella Williams from Nalini Yoga in North Wales focusing on the mental or movement skills we need for climbing tied in with yoga. These are full day workshops aimed at giving you plenty of resources to work with. The day combines leading and bouldering with Ella running 2 yoga workshops and being a second pair of eyes in the climbing workshops.



“Emma is a superb coach, really positive, really cheerful, and clearly knowledgeable about all aspects of climbing. It was a great overview of climbing technique, and very useful to get individual feedback on ways to improve. I also liked the fact that she touched on warming up/training/exercises as well as the technique coaching.”

“Emma’s session was superb - we had a fair mix of abilities and Emma related her knowledge to each of us brilliantly. As the one with the least experience in the group Emma quietly encouraged me to try routes that I wouldn’t even have tried off my own back and I was pleasantly surprised to find that I did better than I thought I might! Emma was very friendly, chatty and approachable - no ‘awkward’ silences or breaking the ice needed! My partner Steve and I both learnt loads and are hoping to spot another class with Emma in the future!”

“Emma managed to engage all of the group, whether experienced or novices. Her style was engaging, informative, encouraging and unbiased. She demonstrated verbally and practically to get her point of view over and each of us felt we were getting personal and group feedback throughout. I learnt more in the 3 hours than in the whole of the year I’ve been climbing.”