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Emma has experience of talking to a wide variety of audiences for events like the Women’s Climbing Symposium, where she was the headline speaker in 2020 to school talks inspiring people on how to carve their career path. She loves sharing the experiences she has had, with open and honest talks about the successes and the struggles of climbing adventures and life. Emma can also combine talks with climbing masterclasses, for more information please contact her.


WCS 2019:

“The headliners this year were Emma Twyford and Nina Caprez. Emma started the day with energy and purpose, tackling the challenge of balancing her work with climbing goals while still having time for family, friends, gin and cake. Though she would describe herself as an uncomfortable speaker, she absolutely isn’t! Natural, honest and with a good helping of banter, Emma reminds us of one of the reasons we love climbing - you can climb really hard and still be a normal, approachable person. Two different speakers with two very different styles, but what is striking is the emphasis they both put on the relationships, partnerships and communities that have defined their climbing journeys. And for all of us watching, it is simultaneously humbling and inspiring to be caught up in that - 350 women sharing moments of emotion, pain and laughter as part of a rich collective experience.” Rebecca Ting

St Helen’s School, London:

“We were delighted to welcome Emma Twyford to speak at our Sixth Form enrichment lecture. Emma is one of the the reigning queens of British climbing, best known for her trad climbing prowess. Emma captivated our Sixth Form students with her endeavours and adventures and explained how she has made a career from her love of climbing, which was introduced to her from the age of 7 by her father. After the lecture Emma gave Year 11 students a masterclass on our climbing wall in the Sports Hall which was a complete privilege. Huge thanks to Emma for her generosity of spirit and for motivating and encouraging the girls to raise the bar.”